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Don’t let your New Year’s Resolution fizzle out! If you are thinking about giving up, hang in there. Whenever doubt enters your mind, remember why you started, you wanted to look better, feel better, meet new people. No matter your reasoning don’t stop now. Summer is just around the corner and it is never to late. Try these tips when you start to have self doubt.

  1. Get a gym buddy. Having that person to hold you accountable can be the difference between night and day. You push each other to show up and show out!
  2. Have an ideal weight or figure in mind? Hang up pictures to remind yourself why this is a commitment worth sticking with.
  3. Celebrate the small victories. Are you fitting into a pair of pants just a little better? Maybe you notice a hint of more energy the mornings you workout. Or maybe today was a struggle to make it to the gym but you did it. Don’t be scared to give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve recognition for what can be one hard mental struggle.
Don’t forget about our tire! Try flipping it, jumping in and out, or hitting it with the sledge hammer! This is a great full body workout that will change it up!

New shirts on the way!
Now offering bottles of tanning lotion.

Fit to Defend!
When- April 28th
Where- Gallatin Co. Public Library
Time- 10 a.m.
Cost- $5
Learn how to protect yourself and get a workout in, all at once! Limited spots. Sign up at GCF or the library!

Carmen Williams
(859) 640-2929